Why A Printed Marquee Is Still The Best

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Why A Printed Marquee Is Still The Best

Digital advertising only goes so far. 91% of consumers feel that online advertising is too intrusive. They also feel that there are too many of them. A printed marquee helps you cut through that line noise and make a great impression on your customers.

After years of decline, print is finally making its triumphant return. 65% of people under the age of 25 are reading print magazines. They are more engaged and building deeper connections with brands. A great print marquee can help you reach a wide range of different demographics.

Here are some more benefits of a printed marquee for your business.

Advantages of print marquee
Custom printed marquees are original. They are tactile and sensual. Tactile items make a deep impression on customers. It creates a deeper, more lasting relationship with a brand or business.

Here are some other reasons you should consider a print marquee if you haven’t already.

A printed marquee can be seen by everyone.
Digital marketing experienced a sort of gold rush in the early 2000s. We all knew it was going to be big. Lacking crystal balls, we didn’t know how. That hasn’t stopped unscrupulous marketers from trying to make a quick profit.

However, digital advertising is not perfect. A device is required to view it. There are currently 13.7 million internet users at home. That’s still 10,430,000 potential customers you’re missing out on.

There are also currently 16.9 million smartphone owners. Savvy business owners will try to earn the loyalty of these digital customers while also serving their physical clients.

A marquee is a time investment.
Digital marketing can be a real sinkhole for your advertising budget. Your digital assets can dry up when you stop investing in them. PPC ads are an example of a bottomless well of digital spending.

We should always strive to own our professional assets. An obvious example is owning your own .com web address, versus publishing on an external platform like Facebook or WordPress. You are basically making money for them.

It boils down to owning versus renting. Even the most amateur economist will tell you that it’s better to own your assets. Let your money serve you and build your company every time you attend an industry event.

Marquees are versatile.
Event planners are often limited to the venues at their disposal. This can determine how many guests you can invite. If you can’t find an event site near your corporate headquarters, it can affect who will attend. It can also affect how your brand is perceived.

Think about how much brands spend trying to impress their customers. They will spend millions on prime time TV ads. They will spend even more on a huge event. Why don’t you invest in some great fonts and vibrant colors to make the right impression?

A custom printed marquee is flexible. It can be set up wherever you can find a place to erect a temporary structure. This means you can host an event at a luxurious garden estate instead of that empty used car lot down the road.

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