Create a Branded Display That People Remember

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Create a Branded Display That People Remember

Brand style guides and carries the heart and soul of your brand. It represents your mission, vision and values. Your brand is a collection of insights. Together they create a promise of what a customer can expect from your products and services. In light of this, do you know how you represent your products in branded displays can affect your sales?

Sensory branding allows a marketing approach to be profitable and successful. Almost 99% of all brand communication focuses on just two senses – the sense of sight and the sense of sound. So, when you include other senses, you can achieve a better branding design. This can lead to an increase in sales. Ready to get started? Check out this guide we’ve created to help you create the perfect branded display for your business.

Make a lasting first impression
First impressions last. A study says that first impressions are more sticky than we are inclined to believe. People’s first impressions of seeing an image influence their perceptions. This means that even if they meet in person, that impression lasts. In a branded display, a customer’s first impression of your stall will determine whether they want to explore further.

For example, you have a well-designed and eye-catching window display. When people make the first impression that the brand is unique and surprising, they would enter the store. In fact, they might even buy your products. Remember: A brand design allows you to reach your customers. It gives you a physical space to visually communicate your brand message. Use this space to delight your customers right off the bat.

Collect amazing brand inspiration.
To help you come up with the perfect brand style design, check out inspiration boards online. These images can give you an idea of ​​what you want your display to look like. Think about things that have worked for your brand in the past. Also, make sure you consider how your competitor’s displays look. From there, create your own unique design that outshines your competition. With many businesses today, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Combining different designs and ideas will create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Create an eye-catching branded display
Beautiful, colorful, and eye-catching displays will make your customers remember you. But you only have a few seconds to convince them that your display really has these features. Here’s something to put things in perspective: Sensory memories last a short time. They come from sense organs like eyes. The thing is, the brain only holds them for less than 500 milliseconds.

it’s fine. It only takes a few hundred milliseconds to have this effect on your customers. on whether they will remember your brand or not. This is one of the main reasons why a company spends a lot of money to design its corporate logo. A study shows that a logo can influence a consumer’s perception of a brand. Guess the company, brand or product based on the shape of the logo. That said, you want to make sure you create a good and appealing logo design.

Consider your display colors.
Apart from the design, the colors of your branded display are also important. Are you aware of how people are more likely to remember a certain color than a product or brand? This is because colors are so powerful that they can affect a person’s mood. By using the right colors, you can install your brand in your market, even influencing their buying behavior.

For example, if your product or brand is related to sporting goods, the colors that can best represent your company are green and blue. These colors represent the atmosphere and feeling of the outdoors. In addition, color influences consumer decisions. Another study shows that people make a purchase decision within 90 seconds of their initial interaction with a product or person. An estimated 62% to 90% of brand evaluation depends on colors.

Focus on interactive displays.
Today, interactive display marketing and digital signage have gained a lot of popularity in various industries. The consumer electronics market pioneered this type of display. The question is, why should you value them too much? A static display can capture the attention of its customers through its design and use of colors. But interactive displays have a natural attention-grabbing quality. There is also the power of interactive displays to influence customer engagement. The more customers engage with your digital design, the more likely they are to remember your brand.

Always remember that a good customer experience affects your sales. When your customers enjoy interacting with your display, they are more likely to purchase your products or services. So, add videos, LED screens, and touchscreen displays to your next branded display campaign.


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