Why Advertising Flags Attract New Customers

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Why Advertising Flags Attract New Customers

Seems like your business isn’t getting attention lately? Looking for something that will make people stop and pay attention to your brand? Look no further because we have just the thing to make your company stand out.

In today’s marketing world, it seems like everyone is talking about going digital. Technology is great, but when you want to capture the attention of local consumers, you need something different. Have you considered investing in eye-catching advertising banners?

Advertising banners are not the newest gimmick in the market. But, there is a reason for that. This is because they have been around for a while. And, they’ve been around for a while because they work. In a recent survey, more than half of all small business owners consider signage and graphics to be an effective way to attract customers. Read on to find out why banner ads are the easiest way to promote your business!

8 Reasons Why Banner Ads Attract Customers
You may not hear as much about outdoor advertising in today’s high-tech marketing industry, but it seems it’s still alive and well. And, it seems to be often overlooked. Here’s why you don’t want to let this opportunity to attract customers pass you by.

1. Your customers live within 5 miles of where you are located.
The United States Small Business Administration reports that 85% of your customers live within a five-mile radius. This means that you can safely bet that 85% of the people you serve are in your area on a regular basis.

2. On average, consumers spend 20+ hours per week in the car.
On top of that, The Arbitron National In-Car Study, 2009 edition found that Americans spend more than 20 hours in the car each week. What can we gather from the above data?

Well, chances are your potential customers are spending a lot of time on the road each week. And chances are they live or work in the same neighborhood as you.

If you take the same route to work and home every day, and especially if you’re forced to sit in traffic during your commute, you’re probably looking at whatever’s sitting on the other side of the window. Will see.

3. Bold graphics catch the eye
An email may not catch your customer’s eye. But, a bright, colorful sign with bold letters is hard to ignore. Bold colors and clever use of fonts in high-contrast signage are bound to grab the attention of consumers.

4. Consumers gravitate toward familiarity.
It is well known that consumers tend to go with what they know. If they’ve never seen your brand or logo before, they obviously won’t recognize it when they see it in your store window. But, if your logo is getting daily exposure, when they walk past your storefront, they’re more likely to already have a subconscious connection, at least on some level.

5. Images affect our memory.
Images make an impression that lasts longer than verbally written words or messages. The brain collects images of our surroundings.

According to research led by Richard Mayer of the University of California, Berkeley, we retain only 10 percent of what is verbally communicated to us after three days. However, if an image is included, that number jumps to 65 percent after three days. Studies show that it is possible to recall images with 95% accuracy for days after viewing them.

This highlights the importance of providing images to consumers in advertisements. Ad banners offer the advantage of creating an image in the minds of potential customers, increasing the chances that customers will remember your message when it is not visible.

6. Local people are likely to share your business ads through word of mouth.
According to Small Business Trends, since 2005, word of mouth has been consistently reported as the number one source of customer acquisition by small business owners. In 2014, 85% of small businesses agreed that word of mouth is the most effective way to attract new customers. It has been established that local people are likely to see your ad banners. But, they are also likely to share what they feel with their friends, family, or colleagues.

Maybe you’re advertising a sale on your sign. You can count on passing it on to friends and neighbors, which broadens the audience and increases the local impact of your ads. Or, your ads might be announcing store openings or closings, or some other special event. Anyone who sees your ads is likely to spread the message.

Advertising something that will benefit customers, such as a sale, highly desirable inventory, or a special event, is often effective in encouraging local language. It is used by business owners as a double-duty marketing strategy to drive customer traffic.

7. Outdoor flags serve as a landmark for locals, gaining their ‘attention by association’.Here are some creative ways to approach your advertising that you may not have considered. You may not realize the ‘attention by association’ that flags receive. Ads are getting, sharing among the community

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