Outdoor LCD Touchscreen Kiosk installed in GTA

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Outdoor LCD Touchscreen Kiosk installed in GTA

Over the past nine months, building and infrastructure activity has picked up. So, to let the community know what is going on – an outdoor LCD touch screen digital information kiosk was installed.

This digital signage solution was conveniently located on the corner of Kingon Drive and Clyde Road. Just off the footpath where the local public walkway to Berwick station ends. It provided an opportunity to educate the local community about what was happening around them and how it would benefit them.

Clyde Road in Berwick used to be a rush hour traffic nightmare. Traffic would queue up for kilometers behind trying to cross the railway tracks. whose boom gates seemed to be constantly lowering with the number of trains heading towards the city. However, in February 2022, it was Berwick’s turn to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing.

Single 55” IP65 rated outdoor digital kiosk installed in November 2021.

Outdoor digital kiosk product shot

It provided customers with detailed information and vivid images highlighting what the new level crossing would look like in Brooke and the benefits it would provide. More safety, less congestion. This public information display was able to provide information about other projects around the city – accessed by using a touch screen to click through to other pages. Items like upgrading bus interchange and railway station.

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