What is Digital Signage?

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage involves the use of electronic screens to convey information to visitors or staff. Visual content is displayed on one or more screens through a centrally controlled distribution platform. The potential applications are endless, allowing you to design a custom solution that fits your business.

Common uses include promotional displays, wayfinding solutions, interactive kiosks, digital menu boards, security signage, and video walls. Digital signage allows you to transform your business, using dynamic digital content to enhance your brand and engage audiences. You can create interactive experiences that will keep visitors coming back.

Furthermore, digital signage can be applied in almost all environments in a variety of industries. It’s perfect for lobbies, waiting rooms, product displays, cash registers, storefronts, public areas, libraries, gyms, and more.

There are so many benefits to using digital signage. Get creative with your content and use animation, video, and HTML to grab attention. Here are some ways digital signage can help improve your business:

Grab attention and minimize perceived wait times – By harnessing movement on your displays, it’s easy to grab the attention of passersby and you can expect a much higher retention rate compared to static signage. Whether you want your audience to remember essential safety information or you’re looking to increase sales, digital signage is the best way to get your message across. Digital signage has also been shown to minimize perceived wait times at checkout, significantly improving the customer experience.
Easy Upgrades – Upgrading your digital signage network is easy. No need to pay for more expensive reprints. Simply log in to a web browser and change your content with the click of a button. You can schedule promotions and events in advance and manage all your screens remotely. Whether you have a single site or many, digital signage solutions can be scaled to meet your needs.
Use interactivity: Create interactive experiences that engage your audience. The only limit is your imagination. Install interactive touch screens, use triggers and motion tracking, integrate social media, or even develop a mobile app that interacts with your store signage. Technology is constantly evolving and creating an interactive experience in your store is easier and more affordable than ever.
At Signspace, we want digital signage solutions to be accessible to all business owners. Before you begin, it’s important to understand the basics. Digital signage solutions typically consist of four elements: displays, media, players, software, and mounting solutions.

Business Displays – Choosing the right display for your solution is essential to displaying your content and connecting with your audience. It is important to note that different screens are designed for different purposes. For example, high-gloss displays are designed to work best in high ambient light or as a window display. If you’re planning an interactive solution, you probably want to look at touch screens. If you’re creating a video wall, there are special panels with ultra-thin bezels.
Media Players – Media players are hardware devices specifically designed to display content on digital signage in commercial environments, providing reliability in critical scenarios. If you plan to run more intensive content with high resolution video or HTML, you may need a media player with more processing power.
Software: A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows you to schedule, deploy, and manage content on one or more digital screens. This software is usually installed on a media player and managed remotely through a web browser on your computer.
Mounting Solutions – We offer a variety of mounting options including floor and wall mounts, as well as specialized solutions for menu boards and video walls.
It’s always beneficial to create a digital signage strategy so you can determine your requirements before you buy. Don’t forget to check out our free Buying Guide. We give you some helpful tips and go into a little more detail on each element of building a digital signage network.

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